Why do I need a website ?


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I don’t know why do you need a website. Here’s why I built mine.

1. I don’t want to lose business
Most of my potential customers are online. If they don’t find out my website, they will find my competitor’s. Do I want this?

2. Save money
I don’t want to be one of those business’s spending millions on brochures. My website is my cheaper brochure(better too).

3. Corporate Image
Now everyone knows what I do because they just checked my website. Gives me quite a corporate image.Ahem!

4. I find it so simple
Easy website creation, even free( free website providers ).

5. My relationship with my clients has got better
They know about my newest offers, products, promotions, events through my blog. My blog attracts new customers every day.

6. Marketing
My website is my shop on the internet. Low-cost marketing techniques have helped me sell a lot of products(won’t tell you how many.Ha!).

7. I spend lesser money on customer support
FAQ section and ticketing system on my website have saved a lot of money(and time) that I used to spend on the customer.

8. New connections
I have made connections with other website owners. This has opened many doors of income for me.

9. Dynamic Content
My website has made my advertising dynamic. A click on an advertisement will lead you to my website which will sell my product to my customer.

10. I just blog
I write about anything I like. People around the world with similar taste read it. With increasing traffic, the revenues kick in(I love it when this happens).

11. How am I doing?
I use forms, email and social media like Facebook and Twitter to gather feedback on my work. This has helped me build enduring relationships with my clients.

12. Comfort Sleep
I sleep at night, my clients around the world don’t – So, my website keeps awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for me. Well somebody has to keep awake for my clients. Better my website, rather than me.

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