Website Creation Process – How a website is created ?


Table of Contents


Step 1. Project Requirements
This the phase when you(client) talks to (Spiracle Themes or any other web design and development agency ). You communicate to us your vision of your future website. Some of the questions you will have to answer are-
a) What kind of a business are you i.e. some basic information?
b) What exactly do you want from the website i.e.goals of the website?
c) What is your specific target audience?
When all this is done, we move on to the next step which is-

Step 2. Project Planning
Now our designers and developers discuss the technical aspects of the vision you have provided to us. We do know what you exactly want by now but there are certain choices to be made like that of architecture, selection of CMS framework, prototype development etc. Do you want a dynamic website?  Would you like to be optimized for a certain browser or device type? This is the stage where we begin to discuss with you the actual construction of the website.

Step 3. Design
What do you want your website to look like? Professional or something a bit artistic? What colors would you like? Our design team will help you make all the right choices. Also, layout, media like pictures and video to be included on the website will be discussed. You ( with professional support and advice) of our designers will decide what will go where. All this work will be done by our web designer in Adobe Photoshop or in Adobe Illustrator. Rest assured, we won’t stop till we help you get the perfect look and feel for your website.

Step 4. Development
Implementation of the design. First, our web developers choose whether to use a framework for your website or whether a pre-built template or a standard content management system such as WordPress will do. If needed developers work on web framework like WordPress etc, Code in PHP, apply programming logic, convert the web design to real HTML understandable by web browsers etc. This is a very technical phase. You don’t have to worry. Our experienced web developers will do everything that is required.

Step 5. Testing & Project Delivery
Our developers run checks to ensure that your website is running smoothly. If the pages are loading too slowly due to many images, We fix it.Any other issues like those associated with security are also fixed. We make sure that the website delivered to you is hassle-free. Next, the website is delivered to you and launched.

Step 6. Maintenance
This includes troubleshooting, Updation of your domain name, hosting etc. Services like blogs and search engine optimization also constitute a part of it.

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