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Are you planning to start a blog? Which platform do you want to choose? WordPress? Good choice! But if you are creating a blog for the very first time, it may not be easy for you. Thankfully, there are many articles on the internet that have enough information to learn how to create a blog on WordPress. But there is one thing you might be stuck on – choosing the right theme for your blog. Just like a website needs a great theme to perform well, your blog needs the same. You have to choose the right WordPress theme for the blog. Since there are too many choices, you might get confused while choosing the best option. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best WordPress blog themes. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the right WordPress theme for your blog.

How to Choose WordPress Blog Themes?

Whether you are creating a website or a blog on WordPress, you just cannot ignore the importance of a theme you will be using. If you have a business website, make sure the WordPress theme you choose suits your business perfectly. In the same way, while creating a blog, you should choose the right WordPress theme. There are thousands of themes available in the WordPress official theme directory. If you want to have a successful WordPress blog, choosing the right theme is very important. Your blog needs great content and messaging to perform well, there is no doubt about it. However, the theme you choose gives your WordPress blog the look and feel to influence your readers.

If your blog is distracting and using a low-quality font, you may fail to engage your readers, no matter how good the content is. This is where a WordPress theme comes in. By using the right WordPress theme, you can highlight your words flawlessly and make your readers spend hours on your blog.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes

While choosing the best WordPress blog theme, you might get confused because there are too many choices. To make it easier for you to choose the best option, we have made a list of the top 7 best WordPress blog themes for you. You can compare these 7 WordPress blog themes, and choose the one that would meet your blog’s requirement.

Purea Magazine – WordPress Blog Theme

Our very own Purea Magazine theme is on the top of this list. If you are looking for a free option, this is one of the best WordPress blog themes for you. This lightning-fast WordPress theme is easy to use and easy to customize as per your specific requirements.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 1

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • It uses the most popular Bootstrap framework. You can easily create new sections with advanced built-in elements.
  • If you want to target an audience all around the world, this is a translation ready theme. You can translate your WordPress blog into multiple languages to engage more customers.
  • Being an SEO friendly WordPress theme, Purea Magazine will improve your blog’s search result performance and Google ranking.
  • It is highly compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Site Origin, etc. This means you can easily create a beautiful WordPress blog without requiring any prior coding knowledge.
  • In case you stuck on something, we provide you with free customer support to resolve your issues. You will also get regular updates about the latest changes and new features.
  • It is a cross-platform WordPress theme, i.e. compatible with all popular web browsers.
  • This free WordPress blog theme is fully compatible with your favorite WordPress plugins.

Astra – WordPress Blog Theme

If you want to build a beautiful blog within 60 minutes, you should try the Astra WordPress blog theme. With this premium WordPress theme, you can build a customizable website or blog with ease. It gives you a simple but beautiful design to showcase your content.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 2

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • Astra is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes of all time with more than 900,000+ active installations.
  • It is a flexible lightweight theme highly suitable for blog, personal portfolio, and also for business websites.
  • Being a lightweight WordPress theme, it gives your blog/website an unparalleled speed and unmatched performance.
  • Astra has been designed with SEO in mind. This WordPress blog theme comes with features like Schema markup ( code) and Native AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Search Engines will love your blog or website, whatever you are building with this premium WordPress theme.
  • It works perfectly with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Site Origin, Visual Composer, Divi, etc.

Neve – WordPress Blog Theme

The Neve theme from Themeisle holds the 3rd position on our list. If you are building your very first blog, this is the best WordPress blog theme you should consider. It is a lightweight and mobile-friendly theme for your WordPress blog, even you can build beautiful websites with this theme.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 3

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • Neve is a free WordPress theme designed especially for blogs. So if you are looking for a free solution, you will really like this theme.
  • Being a fast and lightweight WordPress theme, Neve is well-known for its excellent web performance. It will deliver you an unmatched speed for your WordPress website/blog.
  • With this WordPress theme, you can create a professional-looking website or blog in just a few minutes.
  • It is a lightning-fast and fully customizable WordPress theme that will allow you to customize as well as redesign the header and footer sections. You can also control the website layout options.
  • Since it works perfectly with most of the page builders, you can build a great blog or website even if you have no prior coding knowledge.

Typology – WordPress Blog Theme

If you are looking for a modern text-based theme for your WordPress blog, you must try Typology provided by ThemeForest. This theme has been designed by keeping bloggers in mind. With a minimalist design and beautiful typography of this WordPress theme, you can build a great blog or a personal website.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 4

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • With the typology WordPress theme, you will make your content look amazing, no matter whether you are using images or not.
  • It provides you with unlimited fonts and color combinations along with a dedicated section to upload your logo/icons.
  • You can customize the home page of your WordPress. Besides, the home page has multiple sections to display different types of content.
  • The blog created with this WordPress typology theme will scale perfectly on all the modern devices, i.e. desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets.
  • You can easily modify or translate your blog content through the theme options panel. Also, it offers RTL (right-to-left) support.

Elvinaa – WordPress Blog Theme

Our Elvinaa theme has a clean, simple, and elegant blog template for bloggers. Crafted with a user-friendly approach and minimalist look, this premium WordPress theme is perfect for bloggers and other professionals like writers, photographers, etc.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 5

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • The Elvinaa theme uses the most popular Elementor page builder to create pages. As a result, you can easily create and edit pages without having any prior coding knowledge.
  • It is a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme, i.e. you can create an online store without putting much effort and start selling your products.
  • It has a live customizer to customize most of the theme settings. You can also check the live preview of the customization while editing.
  • It is a translation ready theme so you can easily convert your blog content into multiple languages.
  • Being an SEO friendly WordPress blog theme, Elvinaa helps you improve your SEO ranking.
  • The built-in post sharing options allow you to share your posts across popular social networking sites.

Hemingway – WordPress Blog Theme

With more than 600,000 downloads so far, the Hemingway theme is quite popular as a WordPress blog theme in the world. It is a free WordPress theme provided by Andres Norén, a freelance theme designer. With this theme, you can easily build a beautiful, clean, and responsive two-column blog in just a few minutes.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 6

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • The Hemingway theme has a clean and simple layout that lets your readers draw their attention primarily to your content instead of anything else.
  • It supports 4 different post formats: Standard Format (with a featured image above the post), Video Format (with a featured video above the post), Aside Format (for short updates), and Quote Format.
  • It has a full-width header with parallax scrolling that makes a good first impression of your blog. You can either use your image as the blog header or the one available in the theme.
  • With the built-in WordPress theme customizer, you can easily change the accent color to any other desired color.
  • It supports both the editor – Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor.

Candor – WordPress Blog Theme

If you are looking for a clean and responsive WordPress blog theme, the Candor theme provided by ThemeForest is worth checking out. This theme is designed for professionals, especially for creative writers who want to showcase their content in the most attractive way. With a responsive layout and decent design variations, it offers you the best user experience ever.

Top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes You Must Try Once 7

Below are the key features of this WordPress blog theme:

  • The Candor theme offers you 4 different design variations so you can choose the right variation depending on your blogging needs.
  • It has a live customizer option so you can configure things and modify them around your blog website with ease.
  • Being an SEO optimized WordPress theme, Candor helps you improve your blog’s ranking on search engines. It has everything that you need to perform well in Google search results.
  • The theme has a built-in translation feature so you do not have to use any plugin to translate your website content. It also supports RTL (right-to-left) styles.
  • The Candor theme is compatible with Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.

Other than the above top 7 best WordPress themes, you might also consider trying these themes – OceanWP, Poseidon, Olsen Light, Lovecraft, Writee, Tracks, Hueman, Maxwell, Fascinate, Hestia, Bento, Go, SiteOrigin Unwind, Fascinate, Moderne, etc.


Having the best WordPress theme for your blog is very important. A theme is all about what your readers can expect to see on your WordPress blog or website. Remember, the theme you choose for your blog is completely personal. But also keep in mind that this is how your audience will recognize you as a professional and interact with your blog. Hopefully, the WordPress blog themes above will help you get closer to finding the best WordPress blog theme.


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