8 Effective Tips for Freelancers To Boost Your Inner Businessman


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Anyone who needs to market their services is a business person. That also applies to you, freelancers. Whether your skills are in writing travel content, designing online games like the Roaring Forties, analyzing marketing data, or something else, you need to reach an audience of potential clients. So building a successful career in freelancing requires you to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur and think about your freelance venture as a business. But if you’ve never thought along those lines, you might wonder if you’ve got what it takes to become a good entrepreneur. Keep reading this article to discover eight effective tips for freelancers that help you during your business journey.

1. Self-Confidence Comes First

If you’re going to become an entrepreneur, you need to develop radiant confidence. The road to success will always be bumpy, and only those with thick skin and a fearless attitude can keep going after the inevitable setbacks. Here are some ways you can start developing an unshakable trust in yourself that’ll boost your confidence:

  • Get to know your intuition. It’s good to listen to other people’s advice when making important decisions. But if it goes against your gut feeling, you should always stay true to yourself. The more you practice listening to your intuition, the stronger it gets.
  • Be friends with rejection and failure. Anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur needs to see failure as a chance to learn. Make a list of things that went wrong and try again with a new strategy.
  • Don’t wait for other people’s permission before you take action. There’s no need to get the whole world to believe in you before doing something. Just watch your confidence soar when you start realizing your ideas without others’ approval.

2. Learn to Be More Productive

Another tip for freelancers is to become more productive. Look, when deciding to become an entrepreneur, you need to be honest with yourself. Running a business, even if only to get your freelance skills out there, takes a lot of work and effort. A typical day involves researching your competitors, launching marketing campaigns, managing social media accounts, emailing your clients, developing a website, and much more. So how do you get it all done? By amping up your productivity. And it all starts with the right mindset. First, take a moment and write down your priorities. Then, based on this list, put together a to-do list. Identifying what matters enables you to focus on the more important stuff and not get distracted that easily. You’ll also discover you can complete the tasks much faster when they’re laid out in front of you in order. Plus, anything you’ve written out becomes much more urgent and stops you from procrastinating. Try it out.

3. Learn to Focus!

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur requires you to stay focused. And to understand your abilities to focus, start by observing yourself. How long can you hold your attention on one thing? Do you need to engage with something entertaining before moving on to a new task? Can you do two things at once? Everyone’s got their unique focusing style, and finding yours enables you to hone it. For example, if you notice that you’re focusing on demanding creative tasks in the evenings, you can schedule the simple stuff for the mornings. But even the best of us lose focus from time to time. So it’s crucial to know how to retain it quickly. For some people, listening to music helps. Others need to meditate for 5 minutes. Whatever works for you, find it, and use it.

4. Building Your Network

How many times have you forgot about a client the second you’ve completed a project and got paid for it? We’ve all done it as freelancers. But if you want to learn to become an entrepreneur, you need to start nurturing your relationships with clients. A great way to do this is to send a follow-up email a week after. Given that you’ve done good work, it’s completely acceptable to ask your client to recommend you to their contacts or even write a testimonial to your portfolio site. You’d be surprised at how many good-quality clients one simple recommendation can get.

5. Develop Effective Communication Skills

Freelancers used to working by themselves can often forget about what’s at the core of how to become an entrepreneur. And that’s effective communication. The thing is that there’s a physical distance between most freelancers and their clients. And finding as many ways as possible to make the conversations and discussions seamless is how an entrepreneur would approach the situation. Luckily, many tools can help you do that. You can stay in touch over the phone or via email, but most importantly, you should establish a video chat channel. Skype and Zoom are by far the most popular options, and for a good reason. They’re both easy to use and come with a screen sharing feature that is helpful when explaining the little details in your work.

Freelance business person wearing watch near laptop: Tips for freelancers

6. Organize Your Ideas

As a freelancer, you’re probably working on various projects at once. They’re all in different stages and revolve around unique inspirations and ideas. It’s easy to lose track of all the elements. But if you want to become an entrepreneur & develop entrepreneurial skills, juggling many things at once is a must. To organize your ideas, use task management software like Evernote or Airtable. These tools have plenty of useful features and an easy-to-read interface to make some order to all your plans.

And the best part is that you can also access the software via a mobile phone. That means you can jot down great ideas wherever they come to you. The owner of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, has famously said that the secret behind many of his successes has been writing down his good ideas. Even the most brilliant minds can forget things that don’t get recorded. You can use the note-taking apps to write text, record audio, take photos, etc. A full day of note-taking can end up with fully formed concepts.

7. Make Realistic Schedules

Your goals to become an entrepreneur can not materialize unless you can meet specific deadlines for various tasks. And that’s only possible with realistic expectations. So when you negotiate the terms of work with your clients, be honest, and give them a truthful overview of what they can expect and when. Repeatedly delivering what you’ve promised establishes trust between you and your clients, and they’ll hire you again in the future.

You can use software like Asana, Podio, or Project Center for help. They’ll set up a timeline for every project and give you management tools for effective team communication (in case you need a team at some point). When everyone has a clear view of deadlines and deliverables, they can stay on top of their work.

8. Become an Entrepreneur by Marketing Yourself

One of the primary reasons to become an entrepreneur for anyone should be to deliver real value to a group of people. But to reach your audience, you need to start marketing your skills. Otherwise, no one will know what you can do to them. But don’t worry. You don’t need to start spending money on ads right away. You can first set up social media accounts for your services. Next, you can build up a website for your portfolio. If you want some motivation to become an entrepreneur, check out the profiles of successful freelancers in your niche on LinkedIn. See how they’ve built up their personal brand and try to apply some of their methods to your own business.


So, these were our tips for freelancers to become an entrepreneur. Remember, it’s all about having confidence, putting yourself out there, delivering on time, and above all, delivering real value to your clients. Use software applications to organize your work, and you’re all set. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of work at first, but it’ll all be worth it. You’ll be your own boss and work only for your own enterprise whenever you want. What could be better?

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