Best Free WordPress Theme in 2022 – Colon from Spiracle Themes

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Many users who start their first website on WordPress often get confused about whether they should choose a free WordPress or a premium one. Well, we have already discussed the difference between the free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes in one of our previous articles. If this is your first time and you do not want to spend your money on a premium WordPress theme, do not hesitate to use a free WordPress theme. Spiracle Themes has launched a new WordPress theme, called Colon – the best free WordPress theme in 2022. Through this article, we will discuss this free WordPress theme in detail, and help you learn why you should choose it.

Colon – The Best Free WordPress Theme

Colon is a newly launched best free WordPress theme by Spiracle Themes. It has gained vast popularity among WordPress users in a very short period of time. For those who want to start their first blog on WordPress, Colon is the perfect theme for them. Although it is a free WordPress theme, it can be a great choice for your business website. It is a lightweight WordPress theme so you do not need to worry about the speed of your website. It will be extremely fast. The Colon theme has some of the most attractive design templates for your next website. It supports all the popular page builders and works really well with them.

Let’s find out the amazing features you will be getting in Colon – the best free WordPress theme: 

Fast WordPress Theme

The most important thing about a WordPress theme is its performance, and that completely depends on how fastest the theme is. So make sure you always choose a fast-loading WordPress theme, no matter whether it is free or a premium one. Colon is the fastest WordPress theme with a 100 Google page speed score. If you choose this free WordPress theme, you do not need to use any external plugin to optimize the speed of your WordPress site. Since Colon is a lightweight theme, your WordPress site or blog will take less time to load and increase its performance.

Responsive WordPress Theme

While choosing a theme for your WordPress site or blog, you should never neglect the importance of the theme’s responsiveness. A responsive WordPress theme can smartly adjust its layout on any device, irrespective of its size and resolution. Since people are more active on devices with smaller screens like smartphones and tablets, you have to make sure that your WordPress site is designed for these devices as well. By choosing a responsive WordPress theme, you do not need to create any device-specific mobile version of your site or blog.

Colon provides you with a fully responsive design for your next website or blog. Websites with a responsive design will help you create a better user experience. You may find this useful – How to Build a Responsive Website on WordPress.

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

No matter how beautiful and responsive a WordPress theme is, your website may not perform well on Google and other search engines if the theme you choose is SEO-friendly. If you choose an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, it will ensure that your website and its content will achieve a good rank on search engines. Colon is one of the best SEO-friendly themes for your next WordPress site or blog. It will definitely help your website get the exposure it deserves. This is the best free WordPress theme that has been designed while keeping the SEO aspect in mind.

The SEO optimization and social media integration features of this free WordPress theme will help you optimize your website for search engines. As a result, your website will get massive potential traffic. You may find this useful – Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins You Should Use in 2022.

Translation Ready WordPress Theme

If you are targeting a worldwide audience, you must create a multi-language website. With a multi-language website, you can easily reach a larger audience by making your web content more reader-friendly. If your website is in multiple languages, it will show your customers that you really care for them. They will definitely appreciate it that you have created a multi-language website to make them understand what your website and business is all about. Remember, not all WordPress themes are translation-ready. So make sure the free WordPress theme you are choosing is translation-ready.

Colon is a translation-ready WordPress theme so you can easily convert your web content into different languages to engage readers around the world. Besides, this theme also supports RTL languages like Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. You may find this useful – Top 5 WordPress Translation Plugins for Your Business Website.

Page Builders & Live Customizer Support

WordPress provides you with a page builder (aka editor) through which you can easily create your web pages and posts. Page builders allow you to create and edit web pages without requiring any prior coding knowledge. Gutenberg is the default WordPress editor. Besides Gutenberg, there are many other page builders available, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc. Being the best free WordPress theme, Colon supports all the popular page builders including Elementor. You can easily create web pages and posts like professionals.

Besides, Colon also provides you with a live customizer option through which you can check the live preview of your customization while making the changes to your website.

Multiple Demo Sites

Colon provides you with multiple pre-made demo sites that you can import with just a single click. By importing the demo site, you can save a lot of time and effort that you may spend on creating a new website from scratch.

Regular Updates

If you choose Colon, you get regular updates about the new changes and features.

Upgrade to Pro Version

Although Colon is available as a free WordPress theme, you can consider upgrading to its pro version that has more features. The features you get in Colon Pro are – 

  • Extended color settings (no limit)
  • 800+ Google fonts
  • Social sharing icons
  • WooCommerce support
  • Footer credit editor
  • Performance settings
  • 24×7 online technical support


In this article, we have discussed Colon, the best free WordPress theme from Spiracle Themes. It is a lightweight WordPress theme that comes with a wide range of features that will make your web designing experience very pleasant and enjoyable. So if you are looking for the best free WordPress theme in 2022, Colon is the perfect solution for you. Please tell us in the comments section below that which free WordPress theme you like the most.

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