Best Premium WordPress Themes You Should Use Once

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If you are a WordPress beginner and creating a WordPress website for the very first time, you might get confused while choosing a theme for your website. Many WordPress beginners often choose free themes over the premium ones. Although the free WordPress themes are pretty good, most of the time, it is very much worth buying a premium WordPress theme. In this article, we will compare free vs premium WordPress themes. We will also discuss the best Premium WordPress themes every WordPress user should use once.

Why Choose Premium WordPress Themes?

While choosing a theme for your very first WordPress website or blog, a question may come to your mind – “why to choose a premium WordPress theme when free WordPress themes have a large number of benefits”. Well, there are various reasons why you or any WordPress user should consider using a premium theme:

  • If this is going to be your business website, how can you compromise with the design? Free WordPress themes do not give you the look that you might be expecting for your first website.
  • Users around the world often use free WordPress themes. So if you want to have a professional-looking website, you should use premium WordPress themes. Because free themes give your website a very ordinary look.
  • If you use a premium WordPress theme, it makes your website highly capable of supporting many advanced features that might not work with free themes.
  • If you do not have prior coding or designing knowledge and do not want to deal with technical issues, choosing a premium WordPress theme is a better option for you. Almost all the premium themes are available with a dedicated support team.

Anyway, whenever it comes to choosing between a free WordPress theme and a premium WordPress theme, it is always up to you. However, the benefits of choosing a premium theme are vast and quite impressive when compared with their free counterparts. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a premium theme for your very first WordPress website, if you can afford it.

Best Premium WordPress Themes

Hundreds of premium themes are available in the official WordPress theme directory. But if you are not liking any of them, there are many development agencies and studios in the online marketplace that provide premium WordPress themes. Buying a premium theme from a reliable vendor or source is very important because it assures you that you are getting the best quality with excellent support. Spiracle Themes is considered one of the best premium theme providers in the online marketplace. So if you are looking for some best premium themes for your first WordPress website, you must try Spiracle Themes once. Web standards and the capabilities of the web browsers we use are always changing. The Spiracle premium themes are designed by keeping the current web standards in mind. They are highly suitable for all types of websites.

Below are the most popular Premium WordPress themes provided by Spiracle. These themes offer high-quality designs, beautiful layouts & templates (both demos and pre-built), smart customization, and many useful features that will help your website serve its purpose effectively and more efficiently. Whichever premium theme you choose from the below list, then it is guaranteed that you will create a great website.

Crater Premium WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme for your business website, this is one of the best options for you. The Crater Premium WordPress Theme is suitable for almost any website, no matter what type of business you run, i.e. hotel, traveling, construction, food & restaurant, real estate agency, wedding, or photography. This stunning premium theme from Spiracle is highly responsive, and you can view your website both on mobile and tablet. It comes with a wide range of features along with great page speed that can improve your SEO and Google ranking. You can customize the Crater Pro theme with the help of Theme Customizer and Elementor Page Builder.

Demo Website

Furthermore, this premium theme comes with predesigned layouts and professionally-styled demo websites. Crater Pro has everything that you need to bring your website firmly into the 21st century. For more information about this premium theme, please visit – Spiracle Theme Directory.

Elvinaa Premium WordPress Theme

If you are an avid blogger and looking for the best premium theme for your WordPress blog, you must try Elvina Premium WordPress Theme once. It is a simple and elegant blog template specially designed by keeping bloggers in mind. This premium WordPress theme provided by Spiracle will help you project your stories with the use of dynamic typography and unmatched professional design. From travel to technology and everything in between, the Elvinaa premium theme brings beautiful and unique designs along with quality performance and high-end stability to your blog. It offers a very clean, streamlined, readable, and highly responsive design that can serve multiple purposes. 

Demo Website

Furthermore, this premium theme is robust and highly reliable for sensitive usage. The primary objective of this premium theme is to provide an efficient and speedy solution for bloggers. By using this premium theme for your blog, you can engage mass audiences in the best way possible. For more information about this premium theme, please visit – Spiracle Theme Directory.

Krystal Premium WordPress Theme

Every second, hundreds of new websites are created. While facing such overwhelming competition, you need something to grant a competitive edge over competitors. The Krystal Premium WordPress Theme provided by Spiracle helps you improve almost every element of your website or blog. This WordPress theme offers you a wide range of useful features along with a fully responsive web design that helps you increase your website traffic. The Krystal premium theme provides you the perfect platform to showcase your content on any device, be it mobile or a tablet, irrespective of the screen size. Besides, the cross-browser compatibility of this theme is just great.

Demo Website

If you have a small business, construction company, creative agency, or online portfolio, you must choose this premium theme. It comes with a professional business template for your website or blog. You can impress your visitors with the clean and elegant design of this WordPress theme. For more information about this premium theme, please visit – Spiracle Theme Directory.

Soma Premium WordPress Theme

If you are looking for the best bootstrap WordPress theme with a stylish flat design, the Soma Premium WordPress Theme from Spiracle is well worth checking out. Being a fully responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme, it helps you promote your product & services online and generate more leads. It is a well-structured and highly intuitive theme that is perfect for any kind of website including a business website and an eCommerce site. It has been designed to empower even a newbie user to create an awesome website in a matter of minutes. This premium theme from Spiracle gives you a unique style to create an expressive and memorable website. It has the best layout and structural options that you will love for sure.

Demo Website

Soma Premium Theme comes with a good range of page templates so that you can save valuable time while building a new website. The pre-existing page templates include homepage, about, services, and contact pages. And if you want a dedicated blog for your website, the Soma premium theme has a template for that too. For more information about this premium theme, please visit – Spiracle Theme Directory.

Prasoon Premium WordPress Theme

No matter what products and services you offer or whatever your business is, Prasoon is one of the best premium WordPress themes for you. With Prasoon, you can easily build a professional-looking website for your business. It is a modern and user-friendly theme enriched with smart customization possibilities and high-quality page layouts. You can use the pre-existing templates to build your WordPress website, and also you can customize them as desired. Besides, you will get a good set of portfolio templates to share your work online.

Demo Website

With the great design provided by Prasoon premium theme, you can build a website that will demonstrate your work. Besides, you can easily connect with your target audience, and increase your business growth. For more information about this premium WordPress theme, please visit – Spiracle Theme Directory.


With free WordPress themes, you can definitely save your money. But if you do not have a budget issue, you should consider using a high-quality premium WordPress theme. Free WordPress themes may not give you the best website experience. Whereas, a premium WordPress theme can take this experience to a new level. You should always look for a simple premium theme that is easy to customize. Besides, make that the theme supports the specific functionality you are looking for.

We hope this article has helped you find the best premium WordPress themes for your very first website.


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