Top 100 Guest Blogging Sites You Should Try in 2023


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Guest blogging (aka guest posting) is not just about getting backlinks to your site or blog. In fact, it helps you attract a new audience, get more subscribers, and build relationships with the top influencers of your industry. And all this will help you achieve online success. We have already discussed what guest blogging is and how it can benefit your online business. In this article, we will share a list of the top 100 guest blogging sites you should try in 2023.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be the best SEO strategy for you if you do it right. On the other hand, it may also backfire on you if not done in the right way. It may look easy, but it is not. Before you can start guest blogging and if you want it to work for you, ask yourself a few questions like – 

  • What is the purpose of guest posting?
  • Why do you want to publish your post on others’ sites or blogs?

Generally, the main purpose for starting guest posting is to get quality backlinks. By submitting your post to a popular and highly authoritative site, you can easily drive organic traffic to your site or blog. Besides, you can also get more followers or subscribers. But the question is – where to submit the guest post.

Not every site or blog on the internet accepts guest posts, only a few of them do. And not everyone can successfully submit a guest post on highly authoritative sites or blogs. Because such guest blogging sites only accept high-quality content. So make sure whatever you write, it should be of high quality.

Top 100 Guest Blogging Sites

Those who have never done guest blogging before may find it hard. Because the real challenge is finding the right website or blog where you can submit your guest post. You should not submit your guest posts on any website or blog because some sites with low authority scores may not give you the best results. So you should always try to submit your guest posts on a popular and highly authoritative site.

There are many sites or blogs on the internet which claim to be the best blogging sites. You cannot just submit your guest posts on all of them. You have to choose the best sites, and that is not going to be easy for anyone. Because when there are too many choices, it is always difficult to choose the best. So, to make this task easy for you, we have come up with a list of the top 100 guest blogging sites that accept guest posts. We have created different categories containing the best guest blogging sites for you.

Business & Industrial

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Fast Company91Business, Finance, Technology
Addicted 2 Success91Entrepreneurship
VentureBeat91Business, Technology
Business 2 Community89Business
Killer Startups60Entrepreneur
Men With Pens50Business
Entrepreneurship Life47Entrepreneur
Spyder Outletinc40Business, Technology, SEO


Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Venture Beat91Technology
Site Point85Web design, Technology
Hongkiat83Web design, Technology
Read Write75Technology
Colocation America63Technology
Tutor City45Technology
Tech Info Today45Technology

Digital Marketing

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Mashable92Social Media, Technology, Business, Entertainment
GetResponse81Marketing, Productivity, Platform, Automation
Social Media Examiner80Social Media
Content Marketing Institute76Content Marketing
Creative Bloq74Blogging, Web Design
Benchmark72Marketing, Social Media, SEO
OutBrain71Blogging, Marketing
Thesitegirls69Blogging, Social Media
CoSchedule69Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media
Shout Me Loud68SEO, Marketing
Mailjet63Email Marketing
Making Different60Blogging, Technology
SEO Hacker57Marketing, SEO
Sociable Blog53Social Media, Marketing, Growth Hacking
Growmap51Marketing, SEO
Famous Bloggers50Blogging, Social Media, SEO
Hellbound Bloggers50Blogging, Social Media, Technology
Tech Patio47Marketing, SEO, Technology

Web Design

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Smashing Magazine91Web Design
A List Apart81Web Design, Content
Web Designer Depot77Web Design
Instant Shift73Web design
Inspiration Feed69Web Design, SEO, Social Media
Crazy Leaf Design66Web Design
WP Newsify62Web Design
Bitcatcha57Web Design

Jobs & Education

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
eLearn Magazine91Education, Reviews
The Guardian80Education, Reviews
Getting Smart63Education
Tutor City45Education, Career

Arts & Entertainment

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Contact Music83Music
Communication Arts79Arts
Digital Photography School79Photography
Sonic Bids71Music
Help4flesh56Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle
Guitar Chalk Magazine51Music

Travel & Tourism

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Go Abroad75Travel
International Living74Travel
Hostel Bookers74Travel
Global Grasshopper54Travel
World Hum54Travel
Heather on her Travels52Travel
Indie Travel Podcast45Travel


Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Inc Magazine92Finance
Money Crashers81Finance
Oil Price80Finance
Bigger Pockets79Finance
Incomediary71Make Money Online
Money Saving Mom70Finance
Modest Money64Finance
Free Money Finance52Finance
Money Mini Blog51Finance

Health & Fitness

Website NameDomain AuthorityTopics
Psychology Today92Psychology, Self-improvement
Life Hack88Self-improvement
Natural News83Health, Fitness
Science-Based Medicine75Health
One Green Planet73Environment, Health, Food
Pick The Brain73Self-improvement
Possibility Change49Health, Well-being
HealthResource4U40Health, Fitness, Wellness, Diet


So these are the most popular and highly authoritative sites that accept guest posts around the world. You can choose the ones on which you want to submit your guest posts. But make sure before you start writing your guest post, you must visit the sites to see what type of posts they accept. If we missed any site that is worth being on the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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