Top 20 Best WooCommerce Themes for Your eCommerce Store

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We all know that a well-designed online store is a major factor in retaining a buyer and attracting sellers. To find a good theme, factors like features, price, and rating of the theme can be compared. But going through hundreds of themes on the market is almost impossible. This is why we have compiled a list of the 20 best WooCommerce themes for your eCommerce store.

List of Best WooCommerce Themes

Note: All the WooCommerce WordPress themes listed below are updated regularly, and they are highly compatible with the latest WordPress version. They are also compatible with all popular web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Edge, etc.

1. Avada by ThemeFusion

Avada WooCommerce Theme by ThemeFusion

Avada holds the #1 position on our list of the best WooCommerce themes. It provides you with 83 professionally designed demo sites that can be imported at any time within a single click. Besides, it also offers 120+ design & layout elements and a wide range of eCommerce features. So you can create anything that comes to your mind with ease. The theme is mobile-friendly and even lets you make device-specific customizations.

Avada is the #1 selling WooCommerce theme of all time with over 700,000 sales so far. It has an impressive user rating on ThemeForest, making it one of the most trusted and reliable WooCommerce themes. You can get a regular license for $60.

2. BeTheme by Muffin Group

BeTheme WooCommerce Theme by Muffin Group

BeTheme is another great WooCommerce WordPress theme for your eCommerce store. It has 36+ pre-built WooCommerce demo sites with an intuitive website installer. The pre-designed templates are highly customizable which means they can be changed or modified as per the requirement. It comes with 4 dedicated Drag & Drop builders including the Muffin WooCommerce builder that helps you build your WooCommerce store exactly the way you want. So you can design a fully functional online shop or just a single product layout.

BeTheme is a lightweight multi-purpose WordPress theme that has a highly responsive web design. It is one of the best-selling WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest with over 237k sales. And if we talk about its reputation, it is one of the top-rated WordPress premium themes in the world – 4.83 Star-rating. You can purchase it for just $59 from ThemeForest.

3. Flatsome by UX-themes

Flatsome WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome has been a well-known WooCommerce theme since its launch in 2013. It comes with its very own spontaneous live page builder. The theme offers a big list of wonderful grids and useful elements that will make your online store beautiful. Flatsome’s builder is based on shortcodes that make it easy to edit content in a WordPress editor.

This WooCommerce theme lets you create different types of product pages and offers WooCommerce focused features like live search, product quick view, sale bubbles, and much more. Flatsome has over 170k sales with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, making it one of the most popular and best WooCommerce themes. You can get this theme for just $59 from ThemeForest.

4. Own Shop by Spiracle Themes

Top 20 Best WooCommerce Themes for Your eCommerce Store 1

Own Shop, as the name suggests, is a modern eCommerce WordPress theme. It gives your eCommerce site a minimal yet elegant design so that you can easily make the first impression on your visitors. It is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution. You can build an eCommerce site with ease, no matter whether you have any prior coding knowledge or not. It has everything you might be looking for in an eCommerce WordPress theme. And that is why we call it one of the best WooCommerce themes.

The best part of this WordPress theme is that it is free, although its pro version is also available for just $59. So if you want to run a successful eCommerce store, you have to choose the right WooCommerce WordPress theme. And Own Shop is the perfect theme for you.

5 . The7 by Dream-Theme

The7 WooCommerce Theme by Dream-Theme

If you are looking for the most customizable WordPress premium theme for your eCommerce store, The7 is your best bet. It is not just a theme, it is a multipurpose website-building toolkit for WordPress. You get a dedicated theme options screen to customize the appearance of products, cart checkout, and other WooCommerce pages. Besides, it is an SEO-ready and highly responsive WordPress theme that supports multiple languages.

The7 is not only compatible with page builders like Elementor and WPBakery but also it generates dedicated styles for man popular plugins. With over 240k sales, it is the second-highest selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest. You can get it for just $39, one of the most affordable WordPress premium themes.

6. X | The Theme by Themeco

X WooCommerce Theme by Themeco

The X WordPress theme is another stunning option that gives you loads of customization possibilities. It is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, making it one of the best WooCommerce themes for your online store. This theme comes with an impressive page builder called Cornerstone that boasts its own elements library. It also has a design cloud with beautiful website templates and assets.

The X WordPress theme is highly compatible with a long list of useful WordPress extensions like Google analytics and slider revolution, and even it has some premium plugins included in the purchase. X has over 218k sakes and a 4.7 rating on ThemeForest. You can purchase this premium theme from ThemeForest at $59, although we have heard that Themeco has recently reduced its price to $29.

7. Porto by p-themes

Porto WooCommerce Theme

Porto is one of the top-rated best-selling Woocommerce WordPress themes. The theme’s high-performance framework base ensures blazing fast speeds on all screen sizes. Porto works seamlessly with all popular page builders like Elementor and WPBakery.

It appears with its giant library of pre-defined layouts, elements, and sections that you can use to build your eCommerce store. The Porto WooCommerce theme also offers over 35 demo shop pages for faster store designing. Porto has more than 65,000 sales and a 4.9-star rating on ThemeForest. You can purchase a regular license for just $59.

8. WoodMart by xtemos

Woodmart WooCommerce Theme by xtemos

Woodmart is a powerful yet lightweight WordPress theme made exclusively for online stores of any type. You can design your WooCommerce store using essential elements like product grids, carousels, and highlighted products. Woodmart boasts some of the most detailed website templates. You can get access to professional-looking and well-designed product pages for your store.

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme so that you can build not just build an online store but also any type of website. Woodmart powers more than 34,000 eCommerce stores and has an impressive rating as well. You can get it from ThemeForest and grab a license for $59.

9. Shoptimizer by CommerceGurus

Shoptimizer WooCommerce Theme by CommerceGurus

Shoptimizer is one of the most optimized WooCommerce themes on our list. It offers a wide range of features that help you convert your audience into your customers. This WooCommerce theme boasts impressive results on speed test tools. It is also optimized for conversions with features like distraction-free checkout, trust badges, and real-time sales notifications.

With Shoptimizer, you can easily attract more organic traffic, thanks to its SEO-driven design. Of course, this theme has essential eCommerce features like auto-complete search, mega menu support, and beautiful pre-designed product pages. So if you are looking for a conversion-focused WooCommerce theme, Shoptomizer is the best theme for you. It has a regular price of $99 but you can easily get it at a sale price of $49.

10. Electro by MadrasThemes

Electro WooCommerce Theme by MadrasThemes

Electro is a feature-rich WordPress theme acceptable for electronic stores, marketplaces, and affiliate websites. Features like product accessories, specifications, and advanced reviews make it a true Woocommerce focused theme. Electro also offers seven home templates, several shop page templates, and many other essential eCommerce page templates.

The theme has solid integration with the Elementor page builder, WPML multilingual plugin, WPBakery, slider revolution, and the Dokin multivendor plugin. Electro is one of the top ThemeForest themes in terms of sales (over 19,000) and rating (4.86). You can get it for $59 from ThemeForest.

11. Shopkeeper by Get Bowtied

Shopkeeper WooCommerce Theme by getbowtied

Shopkeeper is among the most popular and best WooCommerce themes in the world. It focuses immensely on displaying your products in the best light. Its quick setup and automatic plug-in installation make it an easy-to-use WordPress theme for everyone including beginners. Shopkeeper is a fully responsive and lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme, helping you build a high-performance online store for your customers.

The Shopkeeper WooCommerce theme offers a sleuth of eCommerce features like flexible shop layouts, off-canvas sidebar, infinite scrolling, and classic pagination. The drag & drop page builder of this theme allows novice users to create a fully functional online store without requiring any coding knowledge. The Shopkeeper WooCommerce theme has over 32,000 installations with an impressive 4.63 rating. You can purchase it from ThemeForest for just $59.

12. StoreMate Dokam by wbcomdesigns

StoreMate Dokan WooCommerce Theme by wbcomdesigns

StoreMate Dokan is a Dokan-based fully responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme. It offers a complete website-building toolkit for the multi-vendor marketplace. The theme offers unique token and Woocommerce page designs for your online store. It comes with additional token widgets for vendor listing, categories, and subcategories.

StoreMate Dokan offers a sandbox mode, where you can try all of its features on a demo site. You can get a single site license for $99. So if you are looking for an easy-to-use WooCommerce WordPress theme that can give your online store a better and classy look, StoreMate Dokan is the perfect solution for you.

13. XStore by 8theme

XStore WooCommerce Theme by 8theme

XStore is the most complete and highly customizable WooCommerce WordPress theme in the market. It provides you with 100+ pre-built professional shop templates so you can choose the best one that fits your requirements. All those shop templates are highly compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and WPBakery. The XStore studio hosts more than 300 pre-built blocks that you can import and customize.

XStore is a host of valuable plugins so you can easily add any functionality your online store might need. With over 27,000 downloads and an impressive user rating, it is one of the best WooCommerce themes for your next online store. It is not only the best but also the most affordable WooCommerce theme in the market. The regular license of this theme is available on ThemeForest for just $39.

14. Martfury by DrFuri

Martfury WooCommerce Theme by DrFuri

Martfury is the ultimate WooCommerce theme for WordPress users. It is highly compatible with Dokan multi-vendor marketplace. Besides, it is also compatible with other popular marketplace solutions like WC vendors, WC marketplace, and WCFM marketplace. You can create different types of shops like kids’ stores, furniture stores, and electronic stores. This WooCommerce theme has many advanced eCommerce features that help you build a fully functional online store with ease.

Martfury comes with 6 predefined homepages, 6 header layouts, and 5 product page layouts. It is one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time with over 10,000 sales and an impressive user rating. The regular license of this premium theme is available for $59.

15. Jupiter X by Artbees

Jupiter X WooCommerce Theme by Artbees

Jupiter X is among the best WooCommerce themes in the world. It is a high-contrast theme that will help you build a beautiful online store so you can grab your visitor’s attention with ease. The Jupiter X theme hosts a massive library of more than 450 readymade templates designed for different businesses and purposes. Artbees keeps adding new templates every month. You can easily import these templates and customize them as per your requirement.

Jupiter X provides you with 80+ elements, eye-catching animations, and 100+ pre-built page sections. You can save the page sections and reuse them for instant designing. It is a user-friendly and highly customizable WordPress premium theme. The Jupiter X theme has maintained a 4.7 rating from over 157k sales. You can buy it from the ThemeForest marketplace for $59.

16. Savoy by NordicMade

Savoy WooCommerce Theme by NordicMade

Savoy is another popular WooCommerce theme that helps you create a fully AJAX-enabled online shop without requiring any plugins. The theme is well known for its modern minimalist design that gives your online store a clean yet elegant look. There are unlimited pre-built professionally designed templates to choose from. You can use a custom-made cart page, checkout page, wishlist page, and testimonial page.

Whatever eCommerce feature you are looking for in a WooCommerce theme, Savoy has everything. It is among the top-rated WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest with 4.8 stars. Over 12,000 WordPress websites are currently using Savoy, making it one of the best WooCommerce themes of all time. You can get its premium version for just $59 on ThemeForest.

17. Atelier by Swift Ideas

Atelier WooCommerce Theme by Swift Ideas

Atelier is a creative multipurpose WooCommerce theme that also allows you to add a social dimension to your eCommerce store by supporting bbPress and BuddyPress. Atelier’s design features include video backgrounds, animated headers, different card layouts, and animation custom icons, and multiple color scheme options. This WooCommerce theme comes with a built-in swift page builder that makes it easy to create custom layouts.

There are 14 high-quality professionally designed demo sites readily available for your first or maybe next eCommerce store. You can easily import these demo sites at any time by using the one-click demo import feature. Atelier is a lightweight SEO-friendly WooCommerce theme. Atelier is one of the top-rated WooCommerce WordPress themes on ThemeForest with an impressive 4.63 rating. Currently, over 8,000 WordPress sites are using this theme. The regular license of this premium theme is available for just $53.

18. Oxygen by Laborator

Oxygen WooCommerce Theme by Laborator

Oxygen is another popular WooCommerce theme exclusively designed for online stores. It features a simple and elegant design, and it offers many options to customize the look and feel of the template via the theme options panel. You can choose between four header types, change the fonts, customize your shop and blog settings, and create unique page layouts with visual composer.

WPBaker Page Builder is a premium plugin that comes free with the Oxygen WooCommerce theme. You also get the Slider Revolution feature as a free component using which you can create beautiful slides for your WooCommerce site. Oxygen has over 4,000 sales so far with an impressive 4.84 rating. You can purchase it from ThemeForest for just $59.

19. Handmade Workshop by G5Theme

Handmade Theme from G5Theme

Handmade is a responsive WooCommerce theme that is immensely popular with WordPress users. It is a great solution for online stores and wholesale eCommerce sites. From an elegant look to a well-structured layout, this WooCommerce theme provides you with everything that is needed to make your eCommerce store a standout. So if you need a creative online portfolio to showcase your handmade products and sell them on your website, then Handmade is the best Woocommerce WordPress theme for you.

The Handmade WooCommerce theme has tons of features including a revolution slider, custom widgets, and custom page backgrounds. You get 8 dazzling homepages for your WooCommerce store that can be imported at any time with a single click. Since the theme has been well optimized for speed, you can build a blazing fast eCommerce store. On ThemeForest, Handmade has an impressive user rating with over 2,300 sales so far. The regular license of this premium theme is available for just $60.

20. Elab by StylemixThemes

Elab WooCommerce Theme by StylemixThemes

If you are looking for the best multi-vendor WooCommerce theme, Elab is another great choice. This WooCommerce theme is fully customizable and can be used to build any type of store. It comes with several outstanding templates that have been designed for various industries. With Elab, it becomes very easy to set up a multi-vendor marketplace.

Besides, you also get the X-Builder plugin, a page builder from StylemixThemes, for free. This page builder provides you with unlimited options to create anything without coding. The Elab WooCommerce theme helps you build a beautiful and lightning-fast eCommerce store that is highly secured from data breaches. You can get this theme for $59 from ThemeForest.


You can attract a lot of customers to your eCommerce store if you have designed it well. After all, the first impression is the last. If your eCommerce store looks dull and if it is not well-optimized for SEO, neither it will attract customers nor will it achieve a higher search engine ranking. Therefore, choosing the right WooCommerce theme becomes very important. In this article, we have listed the top 20 best WooCommerce themes for your eCommerce store. All the themes we have recommended in this article are fully responsive, lightweight, SEO-friendly, and highly customizable. Besides, they also give your eCommerce store the most elegant and stunning look.

You can use these WooCommerce themes for your new eCommerce store or you can simply switch from your existing WooCommerce theme to any of these. Which WooCommerce WordPress themes you liked the most, tell us in the comments section below.

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