6 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS

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In 2022, starting a website is pretty easier than ever. There are a lot of CMS platforms you can choose from. And most of them provide you with the tools to make a good professional website in just a few hours. But having too many choices may give you a difficult time while making a decision. Remember, choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) is always very challenging for any new user who wants to build a website or blog. The top 3 content management systems (CMS) are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. In this article, we will discuss why WordPress is better than other CMS like Joomla and Drupal.

Before explaining “why WordPress is the best CMS for your website”, let us discuss a little about the content management system (CMS) platform.

Content Management System

A content management system (often abbreviated as CMS) is a platform where you can create, edit, and manage your content on a website without requiring any prior technical expertise. A CMS platform helps you build a website without requiring you to write codes to create posts or pages. Even it does not require you to have the knowledge of CSS or HTML in order to modify the appearance of your website. Many of you often think – why do we need CMS? Creating websites using the traditional website builder has become an old trend these days. People are now more interested in CMS platforms.

To attract visitors to your website and keep them around, you need to put attractive content in the form of texts, images, videos, and other graphics. Such content will not only add value to your readers but also improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Keep in mind that maintaining good content is the most important thing to improve your website’s performance. You should revise your content constantly. Maintaining a big website could be a very challenging task if you are not using the CMS platform.

Instead of using a traditional website builder to build websites, you should better consider using a content management system platform that will handle all the basic infrastructure stuff. You do not need to build your own system to store web pages and images as well as perform other functions. Other than website building, CMS can also be used for document management.

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Why WordPress is Better than Other CMS?

Now the question is “why WordPress is better than other CMS”. What makes it better than Joomla, Drupal, and other open-source platforms. If you compare the top 3 content management systems, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, WordPress is the most popular one, having 60% of the market share. Joomla and Drupal only have around 6% and 4% of the market share respectively. You must be wondering why there is a huge difference between the market share of WordPress and the other two popular CMS platforms.

  • Why is WordPress so popular?
  • What is so great about it?
  • Why is it called the best content management system in the world?

These are a few questions that may come to anybody’s mind who is looking to create a new website.

The best thing about the WordPress platform is its intuitiveness and customizable behavior. It is one of the easiest CMS platforms that does not require much expertise. You can easily create any kind of website on the WordPress platform, from blogs to big e-commerce online stores. WordPress is always a good option for small websites and blogs with a simple structure due to its basic installation and minimum effort. Although WordPress was focused mainly on blogging in its early days, it has now grown far beyond that point of being called just a blogging platform. It has a wide range of themes, widgets, and plugins that can be further customized with CSS and code snippets.

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Advantages of WordPress – Best CMS Platform

If you are a beginner, WordPress is the easiest platform to learn website building. Below are the top 6 reasons that help you understand why WordPress is better than other CMS:

#1 – Easy to Use

The WordPress platform is simple to use and quick to set up. The installation process does not take more than 5 minutes, and no prior technical or coding knowledge is required for installation and further use. WordPress is an effective content management system with an intuitive web interface. With WordPress, every single task becomes very easy, such as – easy to use, easy to understand, easy to set up, easy to update, and easy to manage.

#2 – Flexibility with Designs

WordPress offers you flexibility with designs. Instead of keeping a single consistent design for the whole website, if you want you can use different design layouts throughout your website. The WordPress platform has thousands of themes and plugins from which you can choose the best for your business. Most of the WordPress themes are mobile-responsive that allow your readers to view your website on any mobile device without any problem. Besides this, it has an advanced editor that helps you format your content with ease.

#3 – Advanced Security

WordPress always gives top priority to security. The security features provided by WordPress are the best in the industry. Although it is an open-source platform, it is not easy for hackers to breach it. If you are using the WordPress platform, you can rest assured that the website you are creating will be safe and highly secured from any unauthorized access and other activities related to cybercrime. WordPress offers you various free security plugins and advanced password protection features.

#4 – Easy User Management

In larger companies, it requires multiple users to run a website and keep it up-to-date. And WordPress perfectly understands this need. This content management system has a multi-user capability that allows multiple users to work on a single website at the same time. You can assign different roles to the individuals working in your organization. WordPress comes with different user roles, such as administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. So you can assign the roles to each user what s/he can or cannot do on your website.

#5 – SEO Benefits

WordPress is the best content management system from an SEO point of view, and it can solve a lot of SEO issues with ease. Even Matt Cutts from Google thinks the same thing. If you are looking for an SEO-friendly CMS platform, WordPress would be the best option. This CMS platform provides you with a lot of built-in tools/plugins that will help you optimize your website according to the SEO guidelines and improve your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. In order to boost your website’s performance, I recommend using Yoast SEO, a powerful SEO plugin from WordPress.

#6 – Social Media Integration

If you are running a business website, social media integration plays a very crucial role in the success of your business. We cannot deny the fact that social media has a significant role in the success of almost all online businesses. Although social media platforms always give you many advantages as output, you have to give a lot of time and effort as input. This might be a challenging task if your CMS does not have social media integration capability.

But if you are using WordPress, you do not need to worry about this. WordPress has various plugins/tools that help you improve your website’s visibility and make the social media process highly convenient.

Above are just a few advantages of WordPress. In fact, WordPress has a lot of features that will enhance the user experience of creating websites. No other content management system can actually offer you as many advantages as WordPress does.


The article has nicely explained the content management system and why one should use it. After discussing the popular CMS platforms, it is found that WordPress is the best CMS in the world. It is a simple and free platform with a wide range of features and a lot of customization possibilities. So if you are planning to build a new website for your business or switch your current website to a CMS platform, you should definitely consider WordPress.

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